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Double up your data

By : DSL Wizz |June 01, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Double up your ADSL DATA on our winter promotion

Surf the internet, stream movies or listen to your favourite online radio. It’s all up to you. Promotion valid till end of August 2017 or otherwise stated. For ADSL Capped accounts only.
Click here to view the promotion.
For sales or inquiries email promo[at] or contact us on 087 551 7772.

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Phishing attacks that trick you…

By : DSL Wizz |April 18, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Please be aware. A phishing attack is being discussed in the security community today that allows an attacker to register a domain that appears identical to a known safe domain in the web browser. They can use this domain to launch phishing attacks that trick you into handing over your username and password information.
This attack makes it impossible to tell if you are on a safe site or a malicious site by looking at the location bar in your browser.
This affects the current versions of Chrome and Firefox. Click here for more info.
How to fix this in Firefox:
In your firefox location bar, type ‘about:config’ without quotes.
Do a search for ‘punycode’ without quotes.
You should see a parameter titled: network.IDN_show_punycode
Change the value from false to true.
Can I fix this if I use Chrome?
Currently we are not aware of a manual fix in Chrome for this. Chrome have already released a fix in their ‘Canary’ release, which is their test release. This should be released to the general public within the next few days.

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I'm no April's Fool

By : DSL Wizz |April 01, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Up to 50% OFF. Fibre SALE.
Uncapped FIBRE internet from R495/month.
No Contracts, No hidden fees.Month to Month.
Click here to see the promo prices.
Connect now, email or contact us on 087 551 7772.

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By : DSL Wizz |March 02, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

If you get an email, stating you need to change or update your login details for email, sql or ftp. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.
We will never ask you for your password!

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What is bandwidth?

By : DSL Wizz |February 12, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Bandwidth, measured in bits, are grouped in bytes to construct text and other information that’s relayed between the computer and the internet. Every stored character is equivalent to one byte. One GB (Gigabyte) is the same as 1,024 megabytes, or a million kilobytes, this is about the size of one full-length movie.
There are a lot of byte measurements, and after Gigabyte, you will get the following Terabytes, Petabytes, Exabytes, Zettabytes, and Yottabytes at 10248 YiB
Traffic refers to the total number of bits being transferred over the network connection at any given time. Comparable to highway traffic, the speed of data transfer on the internet is greatly dependent upon the amount of traffic generated by all users who are sharing the same connection. When there are many users transferring data at the same time, the traffic can become very slow to allow each client to perform transfers.

Increasing the bandwidth broadens the internet highway and lets more traffic move faster.

Whenever someone visits your site, it’s considered traffic.

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Free Fibre Installation

By : DSL Wizz |August 05, 2016 |Blog |0 Comment

DSL Wizz offering a free Fibre Line Installation & Connection Fee!
* Only available in some areas in South Africa
Get yours now from DSL Wizz, write to us on, we will be able to tell you whether Fibre is available in your area!

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WordPress hosting

By : DSL Wizz |December 08, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

Managed WordPress hosting is a big deal — so it’s no surprise then, that just about every hosting company offering these types of services is continuing to iterate and improve on them to try and get ahead of its rivals. One such hosting provider — one of the biggest in the business in fact — is DSL Wizz

DSL Wizz first ventured into the managed WordPress hosting market back in mid-2013 with Dreamhost, with a service dubbed DreamPress. However, by the time DreamPress was officially launched, it was already a little outmatched by some of its rivals and never really seemed to receive as much attention as it perhaps deserved.
This time, DreamHost and DSL Wizz are back with DREAMpress V2a much stronger product boasting a number of features of considerable interest: such as VPS only servers, PHP 5.5, OpCache and optional HHVM (currently in beta).
Let’s fire one of these new systems up, create a brand new site and do a little testing…

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Email Policy

By : DSL Wizz |January 05, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

We’re making some changes to our email policy starting January 5, 2015 in order to improve email performance.
Large mailboxes can cause serious performance degradation for not only our servers, but also for email clients. In order to help keep everything running smoothly, we will be automating the deletion of mail in Spam, Trash, Junk and Deleted Mail folders that are older than 30 days.
The initial batch of deletions will occur on January 5, 2015. From that point forward, any email in your Trash and Spam folders will be deleted based on the age of the messages.
Please take some time to ensure that you, as well as any users of mailboxes under your domains, are not storing important messages in these folders. If you need to archive messages, create another directory for these messages.

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Upgrading your hardware

By : DSL Wizz |March 17, 2014 |Blog |0 Comment

We’re happy to share some great news with you – DSLWizz is upgrading your hardware!
We are reorganizing our network which means we’re going to be migrating your account to a shiny, brand new server!
Please note, however, that you may experience some higher than usual loads while your data is being moved over, which may cause slower load times than usual on your websites.
You will find this to be particularly likely for database-driven sites in the first 24 hours after migration (as MySQL moves take longer – this will result in some temporary latency).
We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

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